Universal Salvation: What Are the Odds?

Re: topic of the previous post. [The idea of post-mortem salvation] ‘denies a widely held belief in post-Patristic Catholicism, most Protestant denominations, and a large segment of Orthodoxy; yet the possibility of post-mortem salvation has been affirmed by some Eastern Christians throughout thehistory of the Church’. Yet another reason why the Eastern Church is awesome. As to the specific question of universal salvation, I actually find myself caring about this a lot less than about post-mortem salvation. Could a human being resist God’s love forever? Looking at concrete moral monsters, I’d be prepared to give that one a definite maybe. I am much more strongly wedded to the joint principles that a. only those who repent in Christ are saved; and b. it is not the case that only those who repent in Christ in this life are saved.

Eclectic Orthodoxy

Dare We Hope for the Salvation of All? –to this question Met Kallistos Ware tenders a qualified yes. God’s love for mankind is unconditional and absolute, but human freedom precludes us from affirming anything stronger than a paradoxical hope:

If the strongest argument in favor of universal salvation is the appeal to divine love, and if the strongest argument on the opposite side is the appeal to human freedom, then we are brought back to the dilemma with which we started: how are we to bring into concord the two principles “God is love” and “Human beings are free”? For the time being we cannot do more than hold fast with equal firmness to both principles at once, while admitting that the manner of their ultimate harmonization remains a mystery beyond our present comprehension. … Our belief in human freedom means that we have no right to categorically affirm, “All

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