Sketch of a Potential Doctoral Plan – On the Knowledge of God: a Philosophical, Historical, and Systematic Stufy


Discussion of the distinction between knowledge that and knowledge of. Review of the specific problems posed by the knowledge of God, leading on to consideration of these issues in specific theologians.


Gregory Nyssan. Predominantly the anti-Eunomian writings, probably in conjunction with the more ‘mystical’ writings, e.g. Life of Moses.

Pseudo-Dionysius. Mostly On the Divine Names and Mystical Theology, but probably including the whole corpus as there isn’t that much of it.

Barth. Specifically the rejection of natural theology, and directly attendant issues.


Flowing from previous discussion (or at least from the Barth and Gregory discussions), a consideration of the relationship between the knowledge of God and Christology and soteriology.



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